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One day at work, another agent remarked he had to help a customer connect their treadmill to the network. While the agent was unable to assist the customer, it got me to thinking about what other odd devices an agent could unwittingly support.

"Thank you for contacting the high-speed help desk. My name in Angelo, how may I help you,” said the voice on the phone.

“I need some help connecting a wireless device.” The woman on the other end was surprised to hear clear, unaccented, English.

Angelo verified the caller's information, determined what type of modem she had and explained what needed to be done.

“So all I need to do in enter the security key from the bottom of the modem and the device should connect.”

“Yes,” Angelo said. He wondered what she was trying to connect; a treadmill, maybe a running shoe. “I'll stay on the line until we verify that everything is set up.”

She input the code, and watched as the device plugged into the USB port blinked green. “Thank you very much,” she said.

“You may be receiving a survey about this call. I hope I've satisfied you; thank you and have a nice day.”

She unplugged the device, which looked like a tongue with a flashlight handle, from the computer and thought to herself, “You have helped greatly”
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